Art+Life+Color was founded by Los Angeles native, Sheila Frampton Cooper. From a young age, she showed a curiosity and interest in the arts and always worked to develop her creative thinking abilities. When she was 19 she traveled to Italy, France and Belgium, and upon her return, embarked with clear vision down her creative path. 

From years of oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to jewelry-making and architectural photography, it was a surprise when Sheila fell in love with textiles and starting to create art from cloth. These abstract creations serve as the design basis for many of the items available on Art+Life+Color.

Sheila says, "It was probably in the mid 90's when I had my first vision of creating something like this; functional items in the form of accessories for the person and for their home. Life has taken me out of my comfort zone, and through so many changes. It has offered me many choices and opportunities, brought so many beautiful people into my experience, and taken some out. Through all of this, I've held on to my little dream. This is only the beginning..."

Sheila currently lives in the Southern California, and travels the world exhibiting her artwork.